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Data Mining Chat @Yogya

I’ll be at Atma Jaya University Yogyakarta on next April 29, 2006. It’s a nice opportunity can do speaking in academic community. I will give brief theory of data mining, what data mining is, and the statistical ideas behind each mining model. Then I will move to a practical examples of data mining tasks using SQL Server 2005.
I found that market segmentation, market basket analysis, and project feasibility study with clustering and decision three will be very interesting for academic students. Soon after I come back from this events, the slide and code will available for download :)

Doing Pivot in SQL Server 2005

Finally SQLServerCentral published my article. I discussed about PIVOT and UNPIVOT operation in SQL Server 2005, a nice enhanchment in 05 version comparing with SQL2K. I’m thrilled with many responses from the readers. They look forward for more articles about SQL2005 from developer point of view. You can read my writing here. Don’t forget to register (It’s free) if you’re not member yet.

I have submitted the second installment of SQL2005 developer series to SQLServerCentral editor. I wrote about the magic of ROW_NUMBER function, and some practical application for updating record and custom ASP.NET paging. Happy coding :)

Rescheduled: Speaking for BI SQL2005

If you read my post about my speaking schedule, It is rescheduled to April 28 2006. There is an official announcement from government authority that March 31 will be a national holiday. Actually it is not a holiday. Because it will be deducted from our leave allowance. Oh may :(.
See you on Foxpro Community inTouch on April 28!. I will talk about Business Intelligence implementation of SQL2005 within Foxpro 9.0. Also, I will give an exciting demo about next version of Foxpro [codename:Sedna]. It works with .NET 2.0 in more native way than current version :).

My article in SQLServerCentral

Finally I make it,
I received an email from Steve Jones and Andy Warren last month, said that my article has been approved and edited for SQLServerCentral. Then I received a notification last morning, they said that my writing will be published in their site on March 29, 2006. What’s the title? Sorry I can not mention it now :). But It is about SQL Server 2005. I wrote some simple tips of the new feature of this server. I’m writing the second installment now. Hopefully can be published next month.
It has been along time I just thought about writing for SQLServerCentral. Thanks to Steve, Andy, and Brian, and I’m so sorry about some grammar errors in my writing ;).

Again, Business Intelligence on SQL Server 2005

It seems BI of SQL2005 become my favourite stuff now. This is very interesting topic, because it does not talk about technical stuff but also delivering business insight in it. I will speak about this topic for Foxpro community next March 31, 2006. Oh Foxpro? Yes!. Mr. Hardian, the leader of FoxId community is person in duty for this seminar. I will explain the basic principles of BI and why we need it, review some mining models and OLAP, and then build presentation interface with Foxpro :). My latest Foxpro experiences is version 3.0, hopefully I do not find difficulties with 9.0. I will explore indepth on OLE DB for Data Mining and DMX query. Just register yourself to connections@netindonesia.net.

Also, I found this site is very interesting for data mining topics beside official MS site.

Welcome to PASS and Culminis

After more than 1 year I have run SQL Server group for Indonesia, Now I move to a higher stage of this group. This mailing list currently has more than 800 members, with 200 average posts in a month. This group has became a PASS Official Chapter last week. Also, we have been accepted by Culminis as a member of their alliance to build IT Pros community around the world. To be a part of this worldwide alliance opens many opportunities for learning and sharing knowledge in global community.

I have many plans to for this community in the future. This is not a big group, because the product that we are discussed is specific and not every IT person use it. But during last 2 month offline meeting, the attendee are more than 20 persons, it’s a good sign for this kind of user group. We will run community training on SQL Server 2005 on the early of April. There are so many inquiries for this event in our discussion list.

Writing on BI of SQL 2005

My article on Business Intelligence (BI) is published by SDA Magazine-Indonesia edition. It contains SQL Server 2005 capability as BI platform. MS has do many great enhanchments in BI area with this new product. It’s really kick some other compitors, specially for entry level BI market. Imagine this: with the cheap price of database server (comparing with Oracle and another BI player such as Business Object), your company will have BI solution in the box.

The coolest things I like is integration service or SSIS. It replaced its father DTS, but it is not DTS. MS has rewrite it, make it DTS more powerfull than DTS. It can collect data from various data source such as Oracle, DB2, flat file, XML, or any OLEDB and ODBC compliant data source. Not only importing, I also can put some function, calculation, or validation in the SSIS package. Than the loaded data on the data warehouse is have been summarized, agregated, or validated. If the developer want to do more, they can invoke it with some .Net coding. It really cool and challenge for every developer to do it.

The data warehouse than can be minned with 7 statistics algorithm, make it easier to analize and read the pattern of the data. The presentation layer is reporting service. Built and present on the browser, it is very easy to deploy across the intranet. The good things is user can do the report by themself by adhoc report designer. Also, the pivot tables capability of MS Excell still compatible with this BI platform.

Let’s Join SQLServer-Indo List

I just started a new community in the net. It named SQLServer-Indo, an Indonesian mailing list for SQL Server professionals and learners. Why we need a new kind of this list?

I very ecxited with this project, because so many expert and experienced developers and DBA already join in it. The discussion topics become more and more in quality and quantities. In the last 3 months, it already raises more than 100 posts in a month.