Presentation Slide at Singapore CTU 2008

I presented at Community Technology Update 2008, organized by Microsoft Singapore DPE on November 22, 2008. It was a fantastic community event, a place when community members gathered together to share their passion on latest Microsoft Technologies.


My first session at the morning was Web 2.0 Programming with Visual Studio 2008. I presented Web 2.0 term, and what kind of tools available in Visual Studio 2008 to achieve Web 2.0 effects. I was much inspired by DropThings project  by fellow ASP.NET MVP Omar Al Zabir.

The second session was about SQL Server Performance Tools. No, this is not yet another Microsoft product come out. It is a collection of free tools, scripts, and tips to identify server bottleneck and resolve performance problems. My idea was to share hidden tools and script to reveal performance bottleneck. I was presenting about PAL, SQLDiag, server side script and database tuning advisor. I have to give a big credit to Itzik Ben Gan book for collection of server side trace script instead of using graphical Profiler. Both PPTs are available for download from my Skydrive:

Web 2.0 with VS 2008

SQL Server Performance Tools

I am not able to publish my demo code at the moment, because it was running on my real machine at that time, so I need to fine tune and modify some configuration to avoid any problem. Once I finished with the changes, I will update share my demo code here.

MVP for the 3rd Year and Kicking..

I just received an email from Microsoft 3 days ago, stated that I’m awarded as an MVP again. This is my 3rd year renewal, thanks!

Dear Muhammad Amri,

MVP_Horizontal_FullColor Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2008 Microsoft® MVP Award! The MVP Award is our way of saying thank you for promoting the spirit of community and enhancing people’s lives and the industry’s success every day. Your extraordinary efforts in Visual Developer – ASP/ASP.NET technical communities during the past year are greatly appreciated.

There are several notes for this year renewal:

  • I’m awarded as a Singapore MVP, and no longer Indonesian MVP. Since I moved to here for my job, my MVP lead transferred my award status to Singapore.
  • Despite my award that belong to Singapore region, I’m still going to continue my activities for Indonesian communities such as IlmuKomputer.Com and SQL Server Indo. I’m still on my commitment to do writing and participating in online forum.
  • I did several writings for SQLServerCentral last year, and I want to increase it next year. I will participate more on global online portal and Singapore communities.

Hopefully I can do better next year :)

New Tutorial on ASP.NET Navigation

Finally I made it. After struggling with many different things during past 2 months, scattered from developing custom courseware for SharePoint 2007 developer, custom adapter for Biztalk Server 2006, or even custom ribbon for Office 2007 :D.

All of those things are quite interesting and blow up my adrenaline. But to be frankly, it made my ASP.NET skills a little obsolete. I need to catch up again with alot of new things on the future web area: Silverlight, Orcas, Popfly. They are waiting to be explored.

Back to my writing, this is the 4th tutorial I made for ASP.NET 2.0. I wrote those labs manual based on several existing materials as the referrence. I went to MSDN website, digging my Teched 2006 DVD, and sometimes build my own sample code. This installment is about playing with web site navigation and do security trimming on it. It is a continuation of my previous writings about security control in ASP.NET.

Normally a developer spend alot of time to develop consistent navigation, giving same look and feel across many pages. Thanks to ASP.NET master page, XML, and XML data source. It makes navigation configuration exteremely easy and fast. If you want to add new menu, just add new XML element in sitemap file. Do the same thing for disable or enable the menu for content targeting. We also able to make automated profile using profile database. But I save the ASP.NET profile and personalization for my next writing.

All writings are written in Bahasa, grab it from here:

ASP.NET 2.0: Pemrograman Navigasi Web Site

Free tutorial: Security and Membership in ASP.NET 2.0

I wrote the 3rd tutorial in ASP.NET 2.0, this is the continuation of the first tutorial in data access, and the second in master pages, themes, and multiview. This new hands on lab is about managing user data with membership provider. ASP.NET 2.0 provides a good and extensible membership framework for managing any membersip tasks. Most of the membership tasks are:

  • Handling user login and authentication
  • Securing particular page or area in the website.
  • Handing user registration and notification.
  • Password management (retrieving, reset, and validation).
  • Assign user to particular roles, moving user from role to another.
  • Creating new user and roles
  • And another so much functions…

The good thing is Membership and Roles class are very extensible. We can extend the the functonality using the Membership Provider.

This tutorial covers the basic tasks in securing web page, and store the user data in SQL Server 2005 Express database. It uses forms authentication, which is the common practice in web application. I leave the advanced tips and tricks for my upcoming commercial book, hopefully soon :).

Download the tutorial and source code from here:

ASP.NET 2.0: Pengaturan Keamanan dengan Login Control

New Tutorial: ASP.NET 2.0 Master Pages and Themes

I wrote a new tutorial again, for whom who want to learn the concept of master page and themes in ASP.NET 2.0. The master page idea is really cool, you can place any contents that you want to display in several pages repeatly, just in one place. In the old ASP.NET 1.1 we have user control, but we still need to setup and do drag-drop on every pages to make a consistent layout. Or, if you proficient with CSS, you can use CSS approach for displaying consistent page layout across many pages.

This tutorial, as usual, was released for free. I mean free of charge, not free speach :). I received many questions from the readers, asked me if they can use the tutorial in their own class. Of course you can, but please do not remove the license agreement. The things that you need is just give me a credit, and use it for free. That’s all.

I wrote it in Bahasa, my mother Indonesian language. I don’t need to overwhelmed the crowd with yet another english tutorial :). A complete source code also included.

Download the tutorial here:

ASP.NET 2.0 Master Pages and Themes

Free Tutorial: ASP.NET 2.0 Data Access for Beginner

After a long time break of writing any free tutorials in Bahasa, finally I published the my newest writing. Targeting to novice Indonesian developer, this twenty pages hands on lab manual describes step by step example how to perform basic data access in ASP.NET 2.0. I prefer to use Visual Studio 2005 Express edition for this writing, demonstrating rich capability of this free of charge tool. The complete source code and exercise files are also available for download. This tutorial was published by, and can be downloaded here:
Mengakses Database dengan ASP.NET 2.0
I will write the next level of the tutorial, targeting for intermediate and advance developers.

MVP for the 2nd Year

Sunday evening, Singapore time. I received email from MVP team stated that I’m awarded for the second year. Thanks, This award belong to my community: IlmuKomputer.Com, SqlServer-Indo, and INDC.

Dear Muhammad Amri,

Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2007 Microsoft® MVP Award!

The Microsoft MVP Award is our way of saying thank you and to honor and support the significant contributions you make to communities worldwide. As a recipient of Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional award, you join an elite group of technical community leaders from around the world who foster the free and objective exchange of knowledge by actively sharing your real world expertise with users and Microsoft. Microsoft salutes all MVPs for promoting the spirit of community and enhancing people’s lives and the industry’s success everyday. To learn more about the MVP Program, visit:

Your extraordinary efforts in Visual Developer – ASP/ASP.NET technical communities during the past year are greatly appreciated. The benefits you will enjoy as a recipient of the MVP Award are outlined below.

Practical ASP.NET for High School Teacher

I try something new, giving ASP.NET lessons with practical approach. The attendee are high school teachers that mostly not familiar with programming tasks. I avoid sophisticated programming jargon, and down to earth with practical wizard. They have very high anthusiasm with this ASP.NET 2.0 toys. I hope can bring them the developer soul in 3 days training during August 24-26, 2006.

It’s a pleasure that I can introduce them to free programming toolkit: Visual Studio Express familiy. All hands on lab material already translated to Indonesian. After they go back to their own school, they will teach this material to their students. Then their students will meet in a nice programming competition.

Thanks to some friends from and ICT Centre that organized this event.

Second Installment in SQLServerCentral

If you’re an ASP.NET developer that work with SQL Server 2005, you may read my second installment of developer series in SQL2005. I write a brief intro of ROW_NUMBER function and how to apply it in practical use. This function replaces a tricky approach when dealing with numbering column in SQL Server. It also makes the data manipulation for a range of rows an easy task.
This writing also illustrates a custom paging of ASP.NET page with ROW_NUMBER and objecdatasource, the simple tip that will leverage ASP.NET performance. Read the article here.