Free Seminar on Mail Server Publishing

I spoke on free seminar about Mail Server Publishing with MDaemon and WinRoute as case study. This event held by IlmuKomputer.Com community, in cooperation with Microsoft Indonesia and Harco Mangga Dua. You can download the seminar material here.

Visual Traceroute

You may familiar with tracert command to identify how many hops to the place where a host reside. There is more fun and easy way to do traceroute. it’s called VisualRoute. This tool come with map & city visualization of every hops.

Free MDaemon Seminar

I will become a main speaker at MDaemon Seminar that will be held at Gramedia Book Store – Depok on March 13, 2004. This event is sposored by Elex Media, DMTEch, and organized by IlmuKomputer.Com community.
Mr Romi, the founder of IlmuKomputer.Com will give his keynote speak at this event.
You can download the seminar presentation here

The Important of WINS Server

Category : Windows 2000
If you manage Windows network and still
have many non Windows 2000 machines, don’t forget to install a WINS server in
your network. I find this server is very usefull for browsing in Network

SharpDevelop : Open Source .Net Editor

Category : Programming
#develop (short for SharpDevelop) is a free IDE for C# and VB.NET projects on Microsoft’s .NET platform. This tool is free editor that released under GNU GPL license.
I’m trying this IDE, and hopefully can find something interesting.
The complete VS .Net is a good tool but sometimes is too big, slow, and not friendly with my old PC. I wish to write a tutorial how to use #develop someday…
Donload the stuff here :

Free ASP .Net Editor

Category : Programming 
You want to develop web application with .Net technology but do not have enough money to buy Visual Studio .Net. Yes, you still have a chance to take the .Net advantages.
ASP .Net WebMatrix is a powerfull ASP .Net editor that come for free…

PHP to SQL Server ??

I just play around with PHP in last couple days. It’s rather dificult for me, because I never use this tool before. Usually I rely on ASP, and VB for my Job.

The mission is how to connect PHP under Linux with SQL Server under Windows machine, because my book is about Linux-Windows integration. There are alot of alternatives that can be used for this purpose, both commercially or free. Some tools are FreeDTS, Sybase interface, PHPLib, or commercial ODBC interface. I must carefully research to choose the easiest thecnique.
ah,… Why I’m so sleepy at night.

Free Win 2000 Tools

Category : Windows 2000
Sometimes you need tools and utility to do specific job that not available on administrative console. Maybe you need tool to make your life being easier
Windows 2000 Resource Kit from Microsoft has many bounch of tools to suit your need. But unfortunately that’s not come for free…. You must pay some money for the CD.

But some free tools are available for free. Check it on the following link and start being a smart administrator..