PPT from CTU 2009: Reporting with Data Mining

Well, traditional reporting is quite common. It connects to relational database, perform calculation and agregation, then display it in a nice and neat report. What is data mining reporting anyway?

It is also a report, but connects to mining model rather than traditional RDBMS. Example: a model to forecast the customer behavior created in SSAS. It predicts whether a customer will favor buy or not buy toward our product. Then we have another dataset of our potensial customers. We want to predict their behavior, will they favor BUY over not buying?

We can use SQL Reporting Services, connect to decision trees mining model inside SSAS, and use potensial customers data as input. The result is predicted behaviour and probability whether Mr.Bob will BUY (90%) and Mr. John not buy (60%). Another cool tool is Excel Data Mining Add-In. It uses Excel 2007 as data mining client tool, very nice and intuitive for end user. There is a very nice overview how does it work, read it here.

I also presented this tool, together with SSRS data mining reporting at Singapore CTU on May 23, 2009. The crowd were very enthusiast about this guy. Nice tool very end user power user, event for IT Pro.
My PPT can be downloaded here:

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