Presentation Slide at Singapore CTU 2008

I presented at Community Technology Update 2008, organized by Microsoft Singapore DPE on November 22, 2008. It was a fantastic community event, a place when community members gathered together to share their passion on latest Microsoft Technologies.


My first session at the morning was Web 2.0 Programming with Visual Studio 2008. I presented Web 2.0 term, and what kind of tools available in Visual Studio 2008 to achieve Web 2.0 effects. I was much inspired by DropThings project  by fellow ASP.NET MVP Omar Al Zabir.

The second session was about SQL Server Performance Tools. No, this is not yet another Microsoft product come out. It is a collection of free tools, scripts, and tips to identify server bottleneck and resolve performance problems. My idea was to share hidden tools and script to reveal performance bottleneck. I was presenting about PAL, SQLDiag, server side script and database tuning advisor. I have to give a big credit to Itzik Ben Gan book for collection of server side trace script instead of using graphical Profiler. Both PPTs are available for download from my Skydrive:

Web 2.0 with VS 2008

SQL Server Performance Tools

I am not able to publish my demo code at the moment, because it was running on my real machine at that time, so I need to fine tune and modify some configuration to avoid any problem. Once I finished with the changes, I will update share my demo code here.

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