Get IT Certification without any Exams

Do you want to be a certified IT Pro in an easy way, no hazle, and no exams? Now there are many test taking services website can serve your need. If you have enough money, but lack of knowledge and too lazy for learning the technologies, just ping them. Soon after receive your money, they will sit the exams on behalf of you, and you will be a CCNA, MCSE, MCSD, OCP, or anything you want at the next week.

Those kind of services is really hurt my feeling. When I am working hard to pass every exams, learn the stuff to gain the knowledge and skills, those people just simply break the rule. It’s scarry me, ilegal, and also not ethical.

Imagine that anybody without propher knowledge, or even never do basic router configuration is a CCNA. Somebody that pays $2000 will become an MCSD next week, but can not understand the try – catch – finally block.

This case is even worst than a braindump or paper certified. With braindump, at least you still need to learn and sit the exam. With this service, just simply choose which certification you want, pay the money, and somebody else will does the dirty job.

These practices make the certifications became more and more not valuable anymore. Prospective employer should examines carefully, wheater the candidate is really certified IT pro, paper certified, or just “buy” the cert. Microsoft, Oracle, Comptia, and any cert vendors should work together to fight this. This is not certification or test questions piracy. This is a pure criminal activity.

It seems that many test taking services around the internet has relationship each others. They use similar jargon, FAQ and Price. Also, they offer you to become an affiliate for 20% commissions :). They are just an affiliate from somebody else, and copy – paste the master website then replace with their own name. Still curious who are they? Here they are:

Also, They break the VUE or Prometric testing center rules. Normally, a testing center will ask for candidate identity to make sure that nobody sit exam for somebody else. I ever went to some testing center that never asking my ID card.

  5 comments for “Get IT Certification without any Exams

  1. andra
    November 23, 2006 at 6:54 AM

    Wah, brarti aku harus nabung $2000 dulu yah… kekekek…

  2. Fenny Mariana
    December 15, 2006 at 8:29 AM

    Aku demen banget baca artikel/blog mengenai Certification.
    Commentnya Daniel Petri jg cool :)
    Mas choirul punya link2 lain ttg diskusi mengenai sertifikasi yg lain?

  3. ebola212
    March 29, 2007 at 7:16 AM

    That certivication can be responsibilation or not ?

    If yes For me no problem … !!!

  4. April 21, 2007 at 6:02 AM

    Menarik bang. Pernah nanganin code peninggalan seorang MCSD, ya sedih campur kaget. Tak kirain bakal belajar banyak new coding tricks/styles, ternyata malah sebaliknya …

    Dengar cerita dari teman, ada colleague dia di kantor yang gajinya termasuk tinggi diantara para senior Developer, padahal code contributionnya gak terlalu bagus dibandingkan junior Developers. Itu semua karena pas interview dia bisa nunjukin banyak certifications. Buntutnya sih diminta resign ama managernya :)

    Moral of the story: Sertifikasi itu piagam pengakuan atas kemampuan seseorang. Kalo gak punya kemampuan tapi somehow manage dapet sertifikasi, siap2 aja dapet bad karma =)

  5. Willy Herman
    August 7, 2007 at 9:47 AM

    g juga certified sekarang dapet gaji gede padahal g cram doang. nah g ini termasuk orang yg beruntung kan? padahal di tempat lama gaji g kecil gitu. udah cert masih ga dihargai. ya udah g caw aja ke enterprise gede.

    yang berani bayar g terbesar itu yg g pilih!!!

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